National Science and Technology Information Department

On December 17, 2009, the National Science and Technology Information Department was officially established in Decision No. 2880 / QD-BKHCN of the Minister of Science and Technology on the basis of the reorganization of the National S&T Information Center.

        On January 28, 2010, the Minister of Science and Technology issued Decision No. 116 / QD-BKHCN of the First Organization and Operation Regulation of the National Department of Science and Technology Information. Up to now, the Ministry of Science and Technology has issued two more decisions approving the Charter on organization and operation of the Department in 2013 (Decision No. 1416 / QD-BKHCN dated June 6, 2013) and 2018 (Decision No. 1785 / QD-BKHCN June 26, 2018).

        The National Department of Science and Technology Information has the function of "advising and assisting the Minister in State management and organizing the implementation of non-business activities on information, libraries, S&T statistics". The establishment of the National Department of Science and Technology Information is considered a new development step in the country's S&T statistics-library-statistics activities. One of the new points in the organizational structure of the Department is that in addition to the traditional management units and information units, the National Database Center for Science and Technology, the National Library of Science and Technology, and the Center for Science and Technology Statistics have been formed. Center, Center for Advanced S&T Information Network aims to implement orientations of S&T information activities at this time: building and developing a national database on S&T, strengthening S&T statistics; promote the development and sharing of S&T sources.

        The National Department of Science and Technology Information has actively contributed to building and completing the legal corridor for S&T information-library-statistics activities. The Department presided over drafting and submitting to the Ministry of Science and Technology to submit to the Government for promulgation Decree No. 11/2014 / ND-CP dated February 18, 2014 on science and technology information activities, replacing Decree 159/2005 / ND-CP; submit to the Ministry of Science and Technology for promulgation of Circular No. 14/2014 / TT-BKHCN dated June 11, 2014 on the collection, registration, storage and disclosure of information on S&T tasks (replacing the Regulation on registration and storage of keep and use the results of implementing S&T tasks issued together with Decision 03/2007 / QD-BKHCN), Circular No. 10/2017 / TT-BKHCN dated June 28, 2017 on construction, management and declaration exploiting, using, maintaining and developing the national S&T database; Circular No. 03/2018 / TT-BKHCN dated May 15, 2018 promulgating the System of S&T statistical indicators and assigning the collection and synthesis of national statistical indicators on S&T (replacing Circular 14 / 2015 / TT-BKHCN), Circular No. 15/2018 / TT-BKHCN dated November 15, 2018 regulating the regime of reporting and statistics of the science and technology sector (replacing 25/2015 / TT-BKHCN, 26/2015 / TT-BKHCN on S&T statistical reporting); Circular 04/2018 / TT-BKHCN dated May 15, 2018 regulating the scientific and technological statistical surveys. Especially, the Department has developed and submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology to submit to the Prime Minister for promulgation the project "Development of S&T resources serving scientific research and technology development to 2025, with an orientation to 2030" in the Decision. Decree No. 1285 / QD-TTg dated October 1, 2018).

        Along with the formation and development of the National Department of Science and Technology Information, the network of key organizations in S&T statistical information and statistics in ministries, branches and localities has also been consolidated under a new model based on the Decree. Decree No. 11/2015 / ND-CP of the Government. More than 30 ministries, branches and 63 localities have assigned units to perform the S&T information function. The organizational model of the local S&T information agency has been changed on the basis of the implementation of Joint Circular 29/2014 / TTTL-BKHCN-BNV dated October 15, 2014, which has 30 out of 63 provinces / cities. to establish the Science and Technology Information-Statistics Center (replacing the Center for S&T Informatics and Information in the previous period). The network of focal organizations for science and technology information and statistics has strengthened connectivity through the Vietnam Research and Training Network (VinaREN) and the National Science and Technology Information Portal (VISTA), thereby, organizations that have access to S&T databases and resources developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology or purchase foreign access rights.

        In the period 2010-2018, the National Department of Science and Technology Information received, processed and issued 8,169 certificates of results of implementing S&T tasks at all levels. Due to proactively guiding organizations and individuals to strictly implement Circular No. 14/2014 / TT-BKHCN, the number of certificates of results of implementing S&T tasks issued each year has increased from about 700 certificates / year. in the 2010-2015 period, to about 1,300 certificates / year in the 2016-2018 period (3,917 certificates, an increase of 84%). Since 2017, the Department has registered and processed the results of implementing S&T tasks through online public services. The National Department of Science and Technology Information also searched and provided information to serve the approval and assignment of S&T tasks for thousands of S&T tasks at all levels (2017-2018 alone looked up and provided information for over 2,400 missions).

The issue of serial numbering (ISSN) for journals continues to be widely deployed. In 5 years, from 2014 to 2018, the Department received 255 applications and processed and issued hundreds of ISSN codes.

        In 2011, the Journal of Information and Documentation, after nearly 40 years of establishment, really became a prestigious theoretical agency in the field of science and technology information-library-statistics and was listed in the list of scientific journals. Specialized studies are graded scientific works converted when considering the recognition of professors and associate professors standards.

        Since 2013, the National Department of Science and Technology Information has restored the compilation and publication of the annual Vietnam Book of Science and Technology after a period of cessation of publishing; compile and publish many thematic publications for leaders of all levels, research institutes, universities, businesses (such as: Science - Technology - Economics Review; Strategy Newsletter; Printout Start-up-Innovation; World Science and Technology Book). At the same time, the Department has also updated information on S&T development to the society, posting tens of thousands of news, general research articles on S&T at home and abroad on the Portal of the Department and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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