Aston Martin will ditch the manual transmission

BRITISH sports car manufacturer trying to hold back on many models gearbox cars sold today, but will not be long, according to the latest announcement.

Sports car enthusiasts often don't miss an occasion when it comes to saving manual transmissions. But reality shows that the majority of buyers of high-performance cars are tending to choose an automatic transmission. The percentage of customers choosing a manual transmission has plummeted in the past few years, prompting automakers to decide to phase it out.

The V8 Vantage AMR will ditch the manual transmission from next year's upgrade.  Photo: Aston Martin

The V8 Vantage AMR will ditch the manual transmission from next year's upgrade. Photo: Aston Martin

There are some exceptions, like with Porsche, when about 70% of customers buying the old-generation 911 GT3 in the US opted for a manual transmission. Aston Martin also tries to keep the manual transmission on many models, but according to the company's recent announcement, this will no longer last.

Tobias Moers, managing director of Aston Martin, said that the V8 Vantage AMR model will ditch the manual transmission in the facelift version next year. Not only that, Vanquish will also no longer have a third pedal despite previous announcements that this sports car may retain the manual transmission version.

Five years ago, former Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer once said that Aston Martin could be "the last car company in the world to offer a sports car with a manual transmission". Now, Porsche with 911 is probably the "last car company" that Palmer talks about.

Why did Aston Martin withdraw the decision to keep the manual number? Because people "have to realize that sports cars have changed," Moers said. With automakers increasing performance and electrifying their models, it's understandable why manual transmissions are becoming less and less viable. Another factor affecting is from market demand, when sales of high-performance sports cars using manual transmissions are decreasing.

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