Bitfinex hackers moved an additional $ 4.1 million in Bitcoin during their biggest payment day

The electronic thief from the Bitfinex hack of four years ago continues to withdraw money, this time transferring the equivalent of $ 4.1 million in bitcoin to an unknown wallet address.

Cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert reported that hackers moved 416 bitcoin (BTC) on June 11. The funds, valued at $ 4.1 million at the time of the transaction, were deposited in 20 separate transactions, each worth from 15 to 33 BTC.

This is probably the biggest pay day for hackers. When the stolen money first moved in June and August 2019, about 170 BTC and 300 BTC worth about $ 2.3 million and $ 2.7 million at the time, were flowing.

More recently, thieves eventually transferred $ 800,000 or 77.64 bitcoins on June 2. Another transfer of 28.4 BTC worth $ 255,000 was made on May 22. Coins can be sold to unsuspecting buyers out of the market.


Once done in small quantities to provide a false sense of security, transactions are often calculated over time to coincide with each Bitcoin price increase. BTC spiked on Wednesday, to just under $ 10,000, but the standard cryptocurrency again faced strong resistance at that critical level.

Digital assets have dropped nearly 6% to $ 9,331 in the past 24 hours, according to market Bitcoin has repeatedly struggled to overcome the $ 10,000 barrier since the May 11 supply cut event, also known as a halving.

Points are considered the key to unlocking the long-anticipated bull race, something that tends to accompany every previous half.

All three Bitfinex hackers' money transfers over the past three weeks have occurred almost simultaneously with BTC prices threatening to raise more than $ 10,000.

Hackers have chipped in their millions of dollars since earning 120,000 BTC from Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in 2016. Valued at $ 72 million on At that time, those bitcoins were worth more than $ 1.1 billion at current prices.

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