Charles Hoskinson: Recursive SNARK can help scale Bitcoin

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Charles Hoskinson said that in his opinion, recursive sharks could be a solution to Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) scalability issues.

Intellectual dishonesty
Hoskinson believes that there is a lot of intellectual dishonesty in the debate about block size, eventually leading to the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Discussing the main argument of Bitcoin core supporters that an increase in block size will lead to a greater concentration of the network, Hoskinson said:

Just an argument. And this is the intellectual dishonesty of that argument. So it's like saying: network, CPU and hard disk capacity will never increase in size. I mean, what is it? Did you create Bitcoin in 2009? What is the average bandwidth of a network connection? What is the average disk storage capacity and CPU manpower? My cell phone today is as powerful as the most powerful gaming computer you can buy in 2009.

Roger Ver is not a bad actor
He also argued that Roger Ver should have been provided and the subsequent division was an example of bad governance:

The administration failed when your country split and you had a civil war or when your project was divided. So the existence of Bitcoin Cash is an example of governance failure. Roger is not a bad actor. He is a principle actor and he firmly believes in his point of view. He should have been provided to a level where he doesn't feel the need to actually create his own cryptocurrency.

Hoskinson believes that recursive SNARK is a viable solution that can help scale Bitcoin:

For example, you can use recursive SNARK and have a lightweight client experience, but still have full node security. <...> You can have a big block backbone and it's very big and mostly enterprise level and that's where power users and then everyday users use light clients, but they Still have full node security and they are responsible for inclusion. Education

The SNARK hunt
A non-concise knowledge argument of zk-SNARK or no knowledge, is a technology that allows a party to prove that it possesses certain information without disclosing. In addition to presenting better privacy, another advantage of this technology is that proof of ownership takes up much less space than actual information.

With recursive SNARK, one party can give evidence of evidence, which further compresses the data. If Bitcoin uses this method, it will gain infinite possibilities of trading. However, there is a price to pay for this scalability - if the parameters are not configured properly, the network's security may be compromised. Zcash (ZEC), a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, is built on this technology.

If SNARK is used in Lewis Caroll From The Hunting of the Snark, instead, a snake will never become a scary Boojum.

Earlier today, Hoskinson lashed out against the press of Bait and Switch. In the video, he expressed his frustration with journalists focusing solely on price speculation instead of sharing meaningful comments about Blockchain-based technologies.

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