Classification of cloud storage services on the type used

Cloud Storage is a service provided by a company or business, can be domestic and foreign businesses that allows users to use their services to store, manage, share. share, backup data (Photos, Videos, Files, ...) remotely, meaning you can use and manage data anywhere and anywhere just a phone device or a device. Internet connection.

Today there are quite a few cloud storage services on the Internet that you can use, can mention names like AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ... In Vietnam, there are quite a few popular sites like .


Advantages: With business
Low investment cost and convenience: If you need to spend a large amount of money to buy some new hardware such as storage hard drives along with a spare cost of maintenance, expanding later will be very costly. Therefore, with the use of this cloud storage service, you can easily and peace of mind if you need to increase the storage capacity because everything is almost supported by the provider. You only need to pay a fee matching the on-demand storage plan for your cloud storage provider.

Time taken: Once you've determined the total amount of space needed for your projects and plans, you can easily buy and use the Cloud Strorage service with just a few taps. With the features of Cloud Storage, you can completely manage the company's data such as decentralization, managing members, sharing internal data, ...

Backup data: When using cloud storage service means you have another backup to protect your data against other problems. So if you accidentally damage or corrupt your data, you can easily recover it.

Advantages: With individuals
Convenience: As you know, most cloud storage services are supported on popular platforms including Web based from computers and mobile applications. The interface is almost optimized by the vendors and very easy to use, you just need to drag and drop data and classify them into categories according to your needs. Of course, you can also easily access and use data anywhere and at any device with an Internet connection.

Storage: These cloud storage services now support quite high storage capacity, from 5 - 15GB depending on the service. This is a great advantage because when you need to send email (the maximum limit is 25MB only), there are data up to several hundred or even a few GB, but after uploading to the Cloud This storage, you just need to share a download link only.

Quite economical: Similar to businesses, instead of you having to spend a large amount of more than 1 million to buy mobile hard drives, you only need to spend from 1K to get 1GB of data on the cloud every month. come on. Too bargain is not it!

The downside of Cloud Storage
Bandwidth: Bandwidth used to download data is limited and it depends on the service provider, where there is huge bandwidth support up to several GB or unlimited, however there are some places. only support a few GB only, especially in free accounts.

Security: This concern is more common in businesses when their data is used in the same storage location as other businesses, moreover while moving data from the local to the cloud. can be hacked and stolen information, there is an article about this situation, see here.
Application: One advantage for individuals is that if you use any service, you must install and use applications related to that provider and not be able to use other services.

Depends entirely on the Internet: Everything is dependent on the Internet, with frequent cable breaks in recent times, sometimes you will be "Inhibited" when it takes hours to download only a few hundred MB data about.


Classification of cloud storage services:

Today, cloud storage services are divided into the following 4 common types:

1. Personal Cloud
This type is usually provided to individuals to meet our daily needs in storing data from computers and phones.

Such as the accidental loss of your phone, make sure the data such as contacts, photos, ... will be lost. However, if you've previously used Google Drive on Android or iCloud from your iPhone to sync this information to the cloud, you don't need to worry too much and just log into this account again to a new device. Get back to the original stuff.

2. Public Cloud
This type is usually for you to work on Programming, Application Development, ... because the provider will support the management of resources such as servers, storage, you need to spend an amount consistent with the needs. use, and the remaining things like security, infrastructure, ... just let them worry. Currently, I am also using the storage services of Digital Ocean and Vultr.

3. Private Cloud
This type is often for businesses and companies medium or large. Private, means there will be a separate deployment model for businesses, and depending on the needs to use, there will be different settings and configurations. Find out more about Private Cloud in this article.

4. Hybird Cloud
This type has a combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud allowing you to choose flexibly between these two types when using. Basically, it gives businesses more choices while developing because of this combination, but it is quite costly and execution time can be more time consuming.


Above is the main information that you can capture when talking about cloud storage or Cloud Storage, of course there will be many other in-depth knowledge that if you have time to study more about Cloud.

Although, there are a few drawbacks when using, but it is not too significant, moreover with the development and advancement of technology as it is today, the use of Cloud Storage will gradually become safe. , more assured and more people will know about it.

So are you using Cloud Storage? And what is the service or provider you are using to store personal data daily or for your business? Leave your comments below.

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