From Fully Managed & Hosted Elasticsearch To Custom & Advanced Configurations

ObjectRocket delivers the industry’s best Elasticsearch support offering, enabling customers to take advantage of market-leading search functionality, powerful analytical capabilities, and Kibana visualizations on large data sets, with features including high available clusters, TLS, and RBAC.

Why Use Elasticsearch?
Elasticsearch is a non-relational, NoSQL database and powerful search engine, supporting logging and monitoring, auto-complete, full text search, and suggested content based on prior searches. Perfect for
e-commerce and any application where search affects user experience, Elasticsearch is designed to store document-oriented or semi-structured data to speed data recovery and optimize engagement.

Benefits of ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch
As an extension of your team, we are here to optimize your customer’s search experience and your team’s data visualization with superior event logging and analysis. Our team supports you from the development stage through production, ensuring your data scales as your user base grows.

We monitor 254 metrics/min on every Elasticsearch instance, and will take action if an alert is triggered.

24/7 Fanatical Support®

  1. by Elasticsearch Experts
  2. Monitoring & Alerts
  3. Database Migration
  4. Instance Balancing
  5. Resource Scaling & Management
  6. Assisted Upgrades

Proactive Elasticsearch Database Administration

  1. Single-Tenant Dedicated Elasticsearch
  2. Scaling & Query Analysis
  3. Support for Multiple Versions
  4. Architectural Consultation & Design
  5. Production Level Database Audit

Additionally, we offer customers with larger workloads a private slack channel, quarterly business reviews, and high traffic event planning.

Experience the ObjectRocket Difference
We focus on providing the best open source database solutions and unparalleled customer service. That way, your business can forget about the backend data and concentrate on developing compelling products to win in your market.

The best DBAs on the planet
Our database engineers and DBAs provide the best hands-on support, hands-down to all of our customers, no matter how small. You’ll get the right response, 24x7x365, from real database experts.

Transparent pricing
Everything is included. No expensive “enterprise” plans here. No upsells. We’re not the kind of company that’s going to sell you a car and charge you extra for the steering wheel.

We grow as fast as you can
It’s easy to start small and grow when you’re ready. Our forward looking problem solvers anticipate your future data needs and apply their deep understanding of industry zeitgeist to position you to scale smoothly, rapidly, and safely.

Performant platform with global reach
We get your data as close to your application as possible for lightning fast speed with our widely distributed architecture, cloud options, and global datacenter connectivity.

ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch Features
Every customer instance starts with 5 nodes on 11+ dedicated containers, each running their own Elasticsearch or Kibana process to deliver optimal performance and security. ObjectRocket clusters include common plugins and dashboards, like Cerebro, mapper-attachments, and more.

Our fully-managed Elasticsearch service supports applications hosted on Rackspace Cloud, AWS, Azure and dedicated environments (GCP coming soon).

High Availability
SLA Uptime
Nightly Backups & Recovery

Tools & Integrations
API Access
Restful API
Slow Query Detection
Kibana for Data Visualization

Custom & Advanced Configurations
5 Dedicated Nodes per Customer
S3 Plugin for Cloud Backups
Custom Plugins
Configurations for Synonym and Script Files

Integrated Firewalls
ACLs/IP Whitelists
Role-Based Access Control
SSL/TLS Encryption at rest, in transit, and in use

ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch Pricing
Plans for Managed Elasticsearch with Proactive Database Administration start at $118/month (48 GB). However, we provide discount pricing for higher volumes as low as $1/GB per month based on your specific needs, business objectives, and products consumed.

Managed Database Technologies
Experience the ObjectRocket difference. We offer database hosting, management, and administration for modern sites and applications in data centers across the globe.

Managed MongoDB®
We deliver speedy, secure, and highly available instances on the most popular document store in the industry and are certified to support all current and future versions.

Managed Elasticsearch®
In addition to industry-leading search functionality, we provide powerful analytical capabilities and visualizations.

ObjectRocket for Redis
We optimize speed and user experience with built-in caching support on one of the fastest data stores in the market.

Managed PostgreSQL®
We configure, maintain, and scale your SQL, OLAP, and OLTP workloads on the world’s leading object-relational, open source database.

Managed CockroachDB®
We support your distributed workload with a highly available and ultra-resilient SQL database that automatically scales, rebalances, and recovers.

Hadoop® Engineering
We configure, maintain, and scale your Hadoop workloads while monitoring hundreds of metrics on every Hadoop cluster.

Why move to ObjectRocket’s Database as a Service?
Our team of world class database experts makes data fast and easy for organizations of all sizes. We work as an extension of your team to allow your developers to focus on developing innovative features without worrying about the backend data.

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