Galaxy Tab S7 + review: The best Samsung tablet that can weigh the iPad

TechTimes evaluates the Galaxy Tab S7 + as an Android tablet that can outperform Apple's iPad, with the remarkable advantage of a 120 Hz Super AMOLED screen, using a Snapdragon 865+ chip, a large battery and of course, indispensable. support of the famous S Pen.

Besides powerful hardware specifications, the Galaxy Tab S7 + is also heavily optimized for both tablet and desktop experiences. There's a new One UI 2.5 for example, which is essentially an enlarged smartphone UI. But users can switch to DeX mode to access desktop-like tasks with many apps, windows, and others. Samsung has also partnered with Microsoft to bring users unprecedented Office experiences, future xCloud gaming capabilities through Xbox Game Pass, and adding extra monitor support to Windows PCs.

On the part of the S Pen is improved with low latency, making it easy for users to ink, sketch faithfully, draw or mark on almost anything. Plus, with new Air Actions and wireless DeX support, making presentations easier than ever.

Finally, the Galaxy Tab S7 + also impresses with the rest of the essential features like a dual camera with night mode support, four AKG speakers and a fingerprint sensor hidden under the display. Here is a more detailed Galaxy Tab S7 + review, please take a look.

Large but very thin, light

Samsung chose scratched aluminum for the monolithic design on the Galaxy Tab S7 +, so it looks luxurious. The frame is flattened, the back is similar and there is no central curvature. Practical experience shows, the edges are so flat that it can let the tablet stand on any side.

Galaxy Tab S7 + owns a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED screen surrounded by a uniform black frame, about 10 mm thick. The 8 MP front camera is located in the center of the long upper bezel (landscape mode), or the long right bezel (portrait mode). The fingerprint sensor is hidden under the screen near the bottom short bezel (portrait mode).

Switching to the back, the Galaxy Tab S7 + has a simple design, dual camera clusters and long queued LED flash and convenient magnet groove containing the S Pen pen. If the pen is placed incorrectly in the slot, the pen may fall and the battery cannot be charged. Charging the battery from 0% up to 100% with the stylus in the slot takes less than 5 minutes.

The 4 AKG speakers are equally divided among the two side frames (landscape mode). In it, the left side has the microphone, and the right is where the USB-C port is located. As for the bottom bezel, there is a port for a removable keyboard, while the top edge frame has the power, volume, second microphone and SIM / microSD tray.

Overall, holding the Galaxy Tab S7 + in the hand is very comfortable (5.7 mm thick, 575 grams weight), looks luxurious and premium. The 4 speakers are arranged appropriately so that the user's hand does not cover the speaker hole, affecting the sound output in both directions.

Smooth screen, great battery, impressive sound

The Galaxy Tab S7 + is equipped with a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The panel has a resolution of 2,800 x 1,752 pixels and a pixel density of 266 ppi - one of the sharpest on the tablet market. And yet, the display also supports HDR10 + and 120 Hz refresh rates. You can also choose between 60 Hz and 120 Hz in the settings. Choosing a high refresh rate will not reduce the screen resolution like on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra . If the application or video does not support 120 Hz refresh rate, the system will automatically return to standard 60 Hz to save battery power.

The screen of the Galaxy Tab S7 + has a minimum brightness of 1.9 nits and a maximum of 484 nits, so users can comfortably use this tablet anywhere, even in the sun. Thanks to OLED technology, the display's contrast ratio is excellent with beautiful and deep blacks.

Another plus point for the screen of the Galaxy Tab S7 + is support for Widevine L1 DRM, allowing users to watch their favorite streaming services in high definition, including HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG HDR.

It's commendable that the body of the Galaxy Tab S7 + is very thin, but it comes with a huge 10,090 mAh battery that supports 45W fast charging (sold separately). Samsung only comes bundled with a 15W charger in a retail box, which replenishes 18% of the depleted battery in 30 minutes, or a 90-minute charge with 50%, and takes up to 3 hours to fully charge.

Actual use shows that the Galaxy Tab S7 + can surf the web for nearly 8 hours straight - this battery life is only average compared to other tablets on the market today. In return, when watching video in full screen mode, Galaxy Tab S7 + lasted for 12 hours 11 minutes before the battery dropped to 10%. Of course, screen brightness settings have a little to no effect on battery life.

The Galaxy Tab S7 + has four very large speakers tuned by AKG and supports Dolby Atmos. Not only the volume is impressive, but the sound quality is also very rich from bass to highs.

The versatile keyboard and the S Pen have an extremely low latency

The S Pen of the Galaxy Tab S7 + comes with a single button, and the tip is replaceable and overall looks larger than that of the Galaxy Note phones. The extremely low latency up to 9ms will help minimize the lag to bring a smooth, authentic writing experience.

The familiar Samsung Notes application on the Galaxy Tab S7 + has now added more features such as Audio Bookmark. When you reopen a note, the recording will be played at the same time as the written content, helping users not miss important content that cannot be recorded. In addition, users can easily navigate to the recordings by clicking on a previously noted sentence.

In particular, Galaxy Tab S7 + allows users to manage notes effectively with an intuitive interface, edit documents with extensive features such as Automatically sync the content of notes in real time, helping people use to optimize productivity and time while working. Users can quickly record information from an important call on the Galaxy Tab S7 + and review it later on the phone.

And yet, the S Pen can connect and control the device with a distance of up to 10m, allowing users to comfortably manipulate (take pictures, control presentations ...) remotely without interacting with the screen. .

The keyboard holster (sold separately) can extend the viewing angle up to an impressive 165 degrees. Hinge with flexible joints allows you to adjust the angle most comfortably for optimal work. In addition, the keyboard also has a large touchpad and important function keys allowing you to comfortably and seamlessly manipulate all tasks. Work with Samsung DeX to enjoy desktop-like, powerful features with just one touch.

Experience computer mode, top performance

Galaxy Tab S7 + comes pre-installed with Android 10 with One UI 2.5 interface, supports both tablet and desktop modes, easy to switch and easy to work with.

In tablet mode, One UI is essentially the same zoomed-in version of One UI on Galaxy phones. In case you want to use your tablet like a real PC, activate DeX mode by pressing Quick Panel and use the desired features: Open multiple browser windows at the same time, drag and drop images E-mail or right click to explore other features.

The Galaxy Tab S7 + also supports wireless DeX mode - meaning there is no need for a DeX stand to connect to a Smart TV screen or projector. Alternatively, you can use the Galaxy Tab S7 + as a touchpad (or keyboard when needed) and control content on the TV (there's no need to carry other accessories with you from here).

An upgraded feature on the Galaxy Tab S7 + is Multi-Active Window, which allows three applications to be displayed simultaneously on the screen while ensuring fast speed and smooth performance. Now, users can make calls, look up documents in emails, and take notes of ideas and plans, easily and accurately. With App pair, users can even combine and launch all three apps at the same time, ensuring everything is ready when the user needs it most, like conducting a meeting in the car before meeting a partner or meeting a partner. customer.

Galaxy Tab S7 + uses the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chip available today for Android devices, combined with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory (UFS 3.0 standard). On the GeekBench 5.1 single-core test, the Galaxy Tab S7 + scored 959 points and multi-core was 2,690 points. On AnTuTu 8, the score was 566,786.

3 cameras, support Pro mode

Galaxy Tab S7 + has a dual camera on the back with a quite familiar arrangement: 13MP wide-angle main camera, with autofocus support, f / 2.0 aperture + 5MP f / 2.2 super wide-angle camera, and support 4K video recording @ 30fps. The front camera has 8 MP resolution, wide angle, f / 2.0, 1080p @ 30fps video recording.

In terms of camera app, there are many dedicated shooting and video recording modes like on the recent Galaxy S and Note series, including: One-touch capture, Night Hyperlapse, Scene optimization, AR Doodle, night shot, front camera switch and after video recording, there's a Pro mode for both taking pictures and recording videos.

As a device that helps to bring users the most convenient experience for the working needs, the quality of the camera is also difficult to compare with the flagship phones. In general, the quality of photos taken from the camera is enough to meet the basic needs of users such as capturing moments for work or online meetings ...


The Galaxy Tab S7 + has proven itself more than just an oversized Galaxy Note, but a powerful device ready to take on the heavy workload you put on, even multimedia and gaming. The high graphics shouldn't be a problem either.

TechTimes loves the tablet and desktop modes on the Galaxy Tab S7 +, the seamless transition between the two and the wireless DeX option working with both. Indeed, the Galaxy Tab S7 + is considered one of the most powerful Android tablets available today.

If you're using the Android ecosystem and feel the need for a tablet, or simply want to replace your laptop with a stylish yet powerful one, then the Galaxy Tab S7 + will do you a favor. almost absolute satisfaction.

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