Should we use a gaming console or a desktop computer?

Game as a spiritual dish indispensable in everyday life. According to the survey, the proportion of gaming gamers who are still attending school accounts for 71.7% compared to gamers who are in other professions. The demand for gaming is very large so should you use a gaming console or use a desktop- Desktop. Let's find out what a workstation is to make the best choice.

What is a gaming workstation?

Gaming workstation is a specialized workstation line for gaming, with a stronger configuration, stability than a normal desktop, it is designed for running applications for games.

Workstations and desktops - desktops have the same components such as CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU ... but due to the peculiar nature of working with high intensity and continuous work, the components of the workstation are started. investment is superior to desktop.

Should we use a gaming client or a desktop computer?
To have the right choice to use a gaming desktop or desktop computer - you can look at the image below to see the difference between workstations (workstations) and desktops- Desktop. It is possible that all indicators of the workstation are superior to desktops in all aspects such as memory, graphics card, RAM, ...

1. Storage (HDD hard drive)

HDDs for workstations are often the enterprise hard drives, which have large speed of rotation, high reliability and large number of records. This helps to improve the overall performance of the system better than desktops. The new generation workstations are equipped with SSDs combined with HDDs to increase productivity.

2. Memory (RAM)

Workstation RAM supports self-correction, enhances stability and advances contract with customers, RAM for workstations also supports the latest types of RAM like DDR4 RAM bus speed up to 2400Mhz.

3. Mainboard (CPU)

Workstation CPU is manufactured with a special material, more durable than the desktop CPU. Some workstations also have up to 2-4 CPU scanners, which can double the processing power compared to computers with 1 CPU. The upgrade capability of RAM and HDD of the workstation is also higher than the desktop. In addition, the workstation also added new connection standards such as USB 3.0, SATA3, Display ...

4. Processor (Motherboard)

The most common workstation board is IntelXeon, the feature of INtel Xeon CPU series is to support the types of RAm UDIMM, RDIMM and LRDIMM, the parameters of INtel Xeon CPU are higher than the INtel Core CPU series for desktop computers. .

5. Craphics (Graphics Card)

This is one of the important components to help the workstation become more professional. Workstations are now equipped with graphics cards such as: NVIDIA, Firepro of AMD. These graphics cards have been thoroughly tested before being released to users.

6. Card Raid

This is a device that controls the hard drive, it has the role of controlling the hard drive, pairing the hard drive, backing up data and speeding up the hard drive. This device is only available in workstations or servers, and is not used in desktop computers.

7. Power Supply Unit

The workstation is equipped with a high-end power supply that meets the environmental and performance standards, helping to save power, stabilize the working ability of devices, the system operates more smoothly and more stably.

Workstations with many features that are superior to desktops- Desktop you probably already know which machine to choose for gaming. The gaming console is the most suitable choice is not it.

Where to buy gaming workstations?
For many gamers, owning a powerful, powerful, market-leading design workstation for gaming is a dream.

In the past, if you wanted to buy a built-in workstation from well-known brands, you would have to spend a lot of money, but buying a gaming console is no longer a big deal.

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