The most famous server systems are ranked in the top 5 of the world

With the continuous development and competition of server systems and server rental services in the world, right now, every business, large and small, needs a server system. to serve for the storage and distribution of his information systems 24/24. Today's article will introduce you to the centers and server systems that are considered to be the largest and the largest scale on the planet today.

The most famous server systems are ranked in the top 5 of the largest server systems in the world.

At the top of the list is the server system of an extremely popular social network that probably nobody knows is Facebook, which stores all personal information of users in social networks. The world's largest association like "liking" photos, videos, and adding millions of new Gb every day from around the world and Facebook's modern server center is rated as a hub. The server has the ability to save power, work quickly and most effectively. This center equips itself with a huge steam fan enough to cool 180,000 server systems that are working at full capacity to serve more than 900 million users today.

Facebook server system

In second place is the system of a well-known company, Google and compared to the level of storage, Google's server systems contain many times more data than Facebook with a total of 6 large and small centers. stretching across the United States at a super speed of 200,000 times the speed of conventional civil fiber cables. Most of Google's data is focused on storing search results, faculty or large and small videos that users upload to Youtube and the information backup systems are stored in case of data. lost.

IBM super server

At the top 3, a famous computer trader is IBM. In IBM's server system is established from 10 different server clusters, not only famous for powerful computer systems, but also IBM's clusters of supercomputer systems and locations. Advanced intelligence is able to communicate with people through language, not just simple lines of code. With the high data rate and the memory of each siue6 computer up to 16TB, IBM's server systems deserve to be listed as the most intelligent server systems today.

Interxion server system

Interxion is rated as the best security data warehouse in the world. Deserve to be in the top 4 of the largest server system in the world today. This server system invests the types of insurance doors we often see in movies. There is only 1 entry and 1 exit for the purpose of allowing only 1 person to stay in the server room at a time. There is also a biological scanning system to access the server.

Microsoft server system

To best meet the needs of this gigantic machine, it uses a power supply of up to 22 Megawatt. It is also the center that receives and handles nearly 2.5 billion questions that users ask monthly for "Bing".

Above is the TOP 5 most powerful position on server systems in the world, hopefully this article will help you more about server information systems today.

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