[Updating] Detailed Review iPhone 7 Plus updated iOS 14: Performance improved and many major changes

iOS 14 is finally officially in the hands of our users after the time to wait. With the iPhone 7 Plus a model has also had a good age, but is still very popular. In today's article I will review in detail the  iPhone 7 Plus after updating iOS 14 , to see what upgrades and new features Apple has brought to us. 

iOS 14 on iPhone 7 Plus is up to iOS 14 officially
iPhone 7 Plus is up to iOS 14 officially.

I share a little bit that I updated the iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 14 and did not encounter any obstacles or errors that I read such as a skewed apple or a basket of apples on the screen. All are favorable with their machines and only myself really 'shocked' with what iOS 14 can do. The article is still being updated by the battery life dot and will soon be completed.

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The performance of iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 14 is improved

In this performance comparison, I will use two software AnTuTu Benchmark and 3DMark Sling Shot to measure the performance score of my device before and after upgrading to iOS 14. The first is with AnTuTu Benchmark the results obtained. from iOS 14 can be said to be better than iOS 13 with a score of 233665 points.

AnTuTu benchmark score between iOS 13 and iOS 14
AnTuTu benchmark score between iOS 13 on the left and iOS 14 on the right.

Next to the performance results of the two versions via the 3DMark Sling Shot app, iOS 14 once again outperformed with an overall score of 3234 while iOS 13 was 2531.

3DMark Silngshot score comparison between iOS 13 and iOS 14
3DMark Slingshot score comparison between the two versions of iOS 13 on the left and iOS 14 on the right.

What do you say ... The difference in numbers does not confirm which version will be better than which one and I continue to compare the performance of the two versions by playing 3 titles PUBG, Call of Duty Moblie and Asphalt 9 , to see if iOS 14 delivers performance improvements.

First, I go parachuting in the PUBG Mobile game, I set the highest possible level of configuration which is HDR, high frame rate and also anti-aliasing, as well as shading. While I was sweeping the whole area, I didn't see phenomena like frame lag or lag.

Play PUBG on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14
Play PUBG on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.

Next, I followed the call of the Call of Duty Mobile obligation with the highest configuration level to play, iOS 14 did not disappoint me when it handled the excellent graphics and kept the game stable when play. Sometimes the display stuttering still occurs, but does not affect my experience.

Test game Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14
Test game Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.

And finally I do racing boy in Asphalt 9 with a very high configuration level. When I turn corners and crash my opponent's car, sometimes there are still lag phenomena, as well as Call Of Duty, that does not affect my conquering speed.

Play Alphalt 9 on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14
Play Alphalt 9 on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.

Regarding the issue of the machine's temperature when upgrading iOS 14, I share the fact that the device heats up quite quickly while using and playing games. Because the machine has a metal design, it affects quite a lot of its grip while using the device. If you have a case, you should take it off so that the device is not airtight and overheated.

The battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus is optimal or not

Next, I will evaluate the battery life. I received a lot of feedback as well as read a lot of information that the iPhone 7 Plus after upgrading to iOS 14 has lost a lot of battery. The conditions I evaluate are as follows:

  • Experience 4 rotating tasks including: Plowing Lien Quan rank, watching YouTube, surfing Facebook and using Safari.
  • Each task 1 hour use.
  • Highest level backlight 100%.
  • 100% headphone volume.
  • Do not activate battery saver mode or adaptive screen.
  • Turn on high performance mode.
  • Turn on WiFi and social media notifications.
  • GPS, Bluetooth and NFC are not turned on.
  • Time from 100% battery level until the device is 0%
Measure iPhone 7 Plus battery life after going to iOS 14 through practical experience
Measure iPhone 7 Plus battery life after going to iOS 14 through practical experience.

Thus, the results we obtained through practical experience with the iPhone 7 Plus after being upgraded to iOS 14 version, with continuous use intensity, with 4 hours and 23 minutes of battery, according to me. This price is the level of battery life is not very good compared to the 2,900 mAh battery of the iPhone 7 plus.

And yet I also measure the charging speed of the device from 0% to 100% with the included charger to see if the battery consumption changes and the charging speed will change after the upgrade.

Measure the charging speed of your iPhone 7 Plus using the included charger after upgrading iOS 14
Measure the charging speed of iPhone 7 Plus after upgrading iOS 14.

iOS 14 upgrade brings new emotions

There are two things I look forward to most nightly in 2020: Justice League Snyder cut and official iOS 14. We have waited too long for the miracle to come true, but Apple has really brought a miraculous change on their devices. Once they do, they have to stand out like this.

Note that I only point out the features that people have responded to recently.


Who said Apple can't make home screens interesting. Immediately borrow someone's iPhone that has updated to iOS 14, if you do not have the device to immediately experience the widget feature, you will think again.

With the iPhone and iPad user widget, you can now get rid of the boring home screen scene with 4 rows of icons going back and forth, instead a vivid home screen with widgets to view the calendar, watch clock, Alblum photo changes automatically and can interactively date at home screen without opening the app.

Big change interface with the appearance of Widget and app drawer
Big change interface with the appearance of Widget and app drawer.

We can now install additional widgets as well as customize them according to each person's forte, not only that, but also create your own icon, you can refer to how to customize Widgets through the following links here to be creative.

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The small dot indicates the right to use personal resources

In the right corner of the screen you will see blue or orange dots, do not be afraid. That is a new form of security of iOS 14 to let users know the status of the camera and microphone usage so we know whether we are being monitored and eavesdropped through the camera or microphone or not.

The small dot informs the user whether the app uses the camera or voice microphone
The small dot informs the user that the app will use the camera and the voice microphone.


  • Green dot when the camera is being activated or (can be when calling or calling via OTT).
  • Orange dot when there is a certain application using the voice mic.

With this feature, Apple ensures users almost absolute security, when it can detect and report to the user about the use of phone resources. It can be said that this is very useful for us to avoid being tracked and know where the malicious application is stalking the user and deleting it.

Incoming call submission has been reduced 

I guess every iPhone user is very annoyed when the call comes, the caller will occupy the entire screen regardless of what you are doing, you are playing a game or you are watching a movie and cannot do anything but accept. reject the call. With the change coming from iOS 14, this is completely different.

Call receiver has been reduced
Incoming call receiver has also been simplified and more intuitive.


I have also upgraded and experienced iOS 14, sometimes there are also some small bugs, but I can accept, experience very interesting features, along with the configuration experience of the machine.

iOS 14 is Apple's most valuable upgrade when it comes to listening and fulfilling the wishes of users, eliminating the rigid, a color in mind that has brought us positive changes. It can be said that iOS 14 is not the most perfect version, but we can expect and put our faith in Apple in future updates.

Upgrade and experience the latest features on iOS 14! If you have already upgraded, please share your comments under the comments for us to discuss together.

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