What is “decoding” Wechat - China's most popular messaging app

First appeared in China in 2011, Wechat is increasingly "expanding" its power in the global market and showing the power of a "super application" coming from the country of billions of people - maybe dark Optimize many activities from messaging, money transfer, shopping, payment ... in just one app. "Late birth" compared to a series of other "bloody" applications such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, ... but Wechat is clearly proving its different appeal. So what is Wechat? And how to install and experience this "hot hit" application? Let's answer these questions with Marketing AI in today's article.

What is Wechat application?
Many people still wonder which country wechat is, Wechat is a messaging application developed by Tencent Group, China and launched in early 2011. Up to now, Wechat has been present in over 200 countries with 20 different languages, with more than 900 million users and more than 38 billion messages sent every day. With these impressive numbers, it is not surprising that Wechat is currently the largest messaging application in China and is increasingly "storming" in Vietnam.

Like many other messaging applications such as Zalo, Messenger, ... Wechat supports sending text messages, pictures, videos and even voice messages. In addition, you can also easily share videos, pictures, video games and location with your friends. Making close calls via Bluetooth is also very simple.

The wechat concept (Source: Wechat)

But what makes Wechat different comes from the fact that you can easily pay, transfer, shop ... with this application. In particular, although it is a product from China, but Wechat can easily be installed on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian. So, even if you are in a country other than China, you can easily download and experience the leading application of this billion-population country.

Brief overview of Wechat:
- Established: January 21, 2011
- Developed by: Tencent Holdings Limited
- Operating system: Cross-platform
- Available languages: Multilingual (20)
Category: Instant messaging client
- License: Proprietary freeware
- Website: www.wechat.com, https://weixin.qq.com/

What is Web Wechat?
One of the most interesting features of Wechat is Web Wechat. Compared to Whatsapp, although there are a few tricks to help you use Whatsapp on PC, there is still no official version. And of course, Tencent cannot miss this golden opportunity to make a difference for Wechat when it quickly deployed Wechat Web version that allows you to chat directly on PC. When Wechat is linked from your phone to your PC, the message will appear simultaneously on both devices.

 What is Snapchat
Where to download Wechat app?
In this article, we will guide you how to install the application on smartphone devices, and how to use wechat on a computer will be guided in the following article. Currently, Wechat is developed by the manufacturer on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can go to Google Play and App Store, type Wechat to find the app, download it and start the experience. Or you can click directly on the link below to install the application on your device.

Download wechat for Android: HERE
Download wechat for iOS: HERE

Instructions to register Wechat, create a wechat account
After downloading Wechat, follow these steps to install the application:

Step 1: You complete the information on your Wechat, including full name, phone number, password. Next you choose Register by phone number. Remember to choose Vietnam for the Region section because we are using Vietnam's phone number to register. So the area code we leave is (+84), or you can write the normal prefix 0. .

Step 2: You choose "I have read and agree to the above conditions" to accept the terms of Wechat. Then click "Next"
Step 3: The screen will display the words "Security Verification" and you press "Start" to continue
Step 4: Go to the captcha confirmation screen, you drag the form to the left to match the blank template, when successfully confirming the system will notify you have passed the captcha.
Step 5: Then you need to verify your mobile number with the message that WeChat sends you
Step 6: So what are the steps to register WeChat, click OK to WeChat to suggest friends for you.

In the case of Wechat registration on an Iphone, after step 4, the system will display a QR code image that requires you to confirm the safety. Now you have to ask your friends and acquaintances who have been using the Wechat app for over 6 months to scan this QR code.

When the scan is finished, they click OK, they will notify you that your registration is successful

Here, you go back to the registration section, then re-enter your name, phone number and password.

If, after you enter all the above factors, the system still cannot confirm your account, please click on “Login with SMS verification code”.

Then, enter the SMS code received by phone number and click OK to complete the registration.

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